Canadian Trash in Michigan Landfills Essay by serendipity

Canadian Trash in Michigan Landfills
Discusses and analyzes the topic of Canadian trash being trucked into Michigan landfills for disposal.
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This paper examines ways to stop Canadian trash from filling up our Michigan landfills and argues that the Michigan waste disposal companies are not justified in accepting trash from Canada and other states in Michigan landfills. Canadian trash and trash from other states is a major problem facing America's landfills today, and the author of this paper suggests we find new ways of dealing with waste, while finding new areas for landfills before the country's current landfills are exhausted.

From the Paper:

"Thus, waste from other areas would have to meet strict criteria before it could enter the state, and this would cut down tremendously on the waste coming in from Canada and other areas, leaving our landfills open for our own waste, and not filling them up as quickly. The opposition to the bill comes from landfill owners and waste industry associations, who feel they should be able to accept waste from anywhere. Clearly, the two sides must come to an agreement, and the Senate must find out how the people of Michigan feel about the solid waste from other areas coming into Michigan for disposal."

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