Byzantine Art Essay by RightRiters

Byzantine Art
A discussion of Byzantine art as reflected in modern times.
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This paper examines how even though the society that was Byzantine has faded from the annals of history and gone is the Eastern Empire of the Holy Roman Emperor and his vast influence over the ancient world, the cultural diversity, architectural prowess and masterful artwork of the time remain ingrained into the fabric of our society. It shows how this type of influence is evident in modern times by a city such as New York, considered to be "cosmopolitan." Along with worldliness comes an interest in all things aesthetic. The architecture of the Byzantine period distinctly reflects this influence. The glory of Byzantine is not an era bygone, but rather lives at present in modern cultural diversity, architecture and artwork.

From the Paper:

"Most may think of luxury automobiles as having a modern futuristic bent, but the simplicity of the outside belies the splendor within. Granted there are no rotundas, pendentives, or cylindrical drums (Byzantine Architecture) present but within there is an abundance of opulence (television screens, highly polished wood paneling, leather, gold accessories etc) designed for paying tribute to the modern gods of money and status. Far fetched Perhaps, but the suggestiveness and display of grandeur can not be ignored. "

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