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"Brodie the Broadsword"
This paper reviews and analyzes the comedic play "Brodie the Broadsword" written by Scottish playwright Alan Richardson.
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This paper opens with a brief biographical profile of author and playwright Alan Richardson who is well known for his numerous publications on a wide variety of topics including: Gender issues and issues of race, colonialism as well as topics related to children. This paper examines the plot and characters in "Brodie the Broadsword" while discussing the author's unique style of writing. Richardson's play is set in an average Scottish community during the 16th century amid old castles and forts. This paper details the personality of the title character Brodie who, for the most part, has been wasting his life engaging in the trivial pursuits of looting and robbery. This paper cites the various scenes in the play which pay homage to Richardson's creative writing and comedic sense.

From the Paper:

"The characters in 'Brodie the Broadsword' are all interesting and full of beans. Some of them are: Sir Archibald Brodie, who has been nicknamed 'the Broadsword', Sir Henry Milburn, the illustrious neighbor of Brodie Broadsword, Lady Kate, or rather, lady Catherine, the wife of Brodie, Ina, Lady Catherine's servant, Clarty Sim, the an-of arms of Brodie, Young Effie, another servant, Alison, the daughter of Brodie and Lady Catherine, Stephen Milburn, Sir Henry Milburn's son, and Kirsty Boyd, who is from the nearest village. As the play is set during the early sixteenth century, and close to the English border, which is where Brodie's castle is located, the language and the dress of the characters would be suited to the setting and the period. When Lady Kate starts off with making a very insightful comment about Brodie's deeds and misdeeds, by saying, "A fine mess Brodie's in this time", the audience gets a glimpse of the comedy that is yet to come during the course of the play."

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