British Columbia Joining Canada Essay by fquick2000

British Columbia Joining Canada
This essay delves into the reasons for British Columbia's ultimate decision to join the Canadian Confederation.
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An analysis of the various factors that worked in an interrelated manner and influenced the various constituents involved in making the decision on whether British Columbia should join Canada. These factors included social factors. such as class, political factors, and economic considerations (e.g. railway). More specifically, some of the key considerations were the impact of potential annexation by the United States, the Gold Rush, and the influence of Britain and its imperialist views of BC as a colony. Furthermore, this essay includes an analysis of the key players (e.g. political figures, journalists, influential elite, etc.) and their role in this decision. Players include Amor de Cosmos, Anthony Musgrave, James Douglas, Hudson Bay Company, and John A. MacDonald.

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"British Columbia's decision to join Canada over other alternatives was a combination of the colony's economic and social need and influence of various constituents that were guided by political motivations. There were three options available to the colony of British Columbia prior to their joining Confederation and becoming part of the Dominion of Canada. One of these alternatives available was to remain with the status quo of being a British colony. Annexation by the United States was the second alternative. The third option open was to become part of the Dominion of Canada. In this essay, I would argue there was a combination of factors that led British Columbia to choose the third alternative. One of the key factors was related to a need for a solution to the economic problems of the colony arising from growing debt and the slow growing economy. Another important issue for many British Columbians was the desire to have a "responsible government" that was more representative of the colony's people. Surrounding the situation of finding a solution to the colony's economic problems and pressure for independence were the political motivations of various players from not only British Columbia, but also the Dominion of Canada and Britain. The influence of these political actors played an important role in leading to an agreement between Canada and British Columbia containing terms that made joining confederation the most attractive alternative out of the three discussed in this paper."

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