Automobile Financing Essay by Karla

Automobile Financing
This work describes each function of the uncontrolled and controlled variables of the automobile financing schemes of Chrysler.
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This work is a detailed analysis of the automobile financing schemes for Chrysler. It lists all the various controlled and uncontrolled variables as well as explains the demands for automobile financing. Among those are prices and special deals, money spent on advertising, average income of consumers, consumer taste and the expectation of services at Chrysler Financial.

From the Paper:

"With the slowing of the economy, Chrysler is forced to give incentives such as special interest rates, factory rebates, and free equipment group upgrades to maintain sales levels that stay competitive. During the time of economic slowdown, there is less money flowing in and out of consumer's hands, which means fewer business transactions taking place. This has an impact of all aspects of the economy, including car sales. In order to entice people to purchase cars during periods such as these, it is necessary to offer lowered rates and added incentives to interest the would-be buyer. This buyer power gives the consumer a financial advantage, thus leading to more demand for vehicles."

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