Australopithecines: The Origins of Man Essay by Labyrinth

Australopithecines: The Origins of Man
This paper identifies the Australopithecines as hominids and explores the relationship between this species and modern man.
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The Australopithecines constitutes a group of extinct hominids that are closely related to humans. The Australopithecines were believed to be bi-pedal organisms, making them an integral link in the chain of evolution leading to modern man. This essay explores the evolution from ancient primates, to bi-pedal australopithicenes, to modern man. It includes several cited sources.

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"The word "hominid" refers to "any of a family (Hominidae) of erect bipedal primate mammals comprising recent humans together with extinct ancestral and related forms" (Merriam Webster). Hominids are included in the super-family of apes, the Hominoidea, in which the members are referred to as hominoids. Though the fossil record of hominids is currently fragmented and incomplete, there is enough material present to provide a healthy sketch of the evolutionary history of homo sapiens. Inasmuch as the Australopithecines were "bipedal primate mammals," they can be classified as ancient hominids (Merriam Webster). Many changes in the physical environment contributed to the evolution of these early humans."

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