Aristophane's "Assemblywomen" Essay

Aristophane's "Assemblywomen"
A look at the role of women in Athenian society during the time that Aristophane's play "Assemblywomen" was written.
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In this essay the character of women and their role in Athenian society at the time of Aristophanes is examined. In the ancient world the idea of women running the city was totally ludicrous and people would laugh at the idea. The paper shows that Aristophanes wrote this play to make people laugh and so not much, if any, of the information in the play can be relied upon to give an accurate picture of how women were treated in Athenian society. Aristophanes gave them a very important position but in reality they were treated as second class citizens.

From the Paper:

"The general idea of the women of Athens running the city was totally preposterous and would not even be considered as a viable option to solve the city's problems. This was because women held such a low position in Greek society. They had no legal status at all and could not even represent themselves in court if they wanted to."

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