Are Young Children Egocentric? Essay by Suzannah

Are Young Children Egocentric?
This essay discusses whether or not children are egocentric.
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In this article, the writer explains that in psychology, ego-centrism is the trait of considering self and personal opinions or interests as being the most important. This essay considers the question of whether or not children are egocentric, and looks at what this term means within its application to a child's behavior. It considers the work of Jean Piaget, and other psychologists, who have worked extensively among young children, and also briefly reflects upon more modern theories relating to children's behavior. The writer concludes that ego-centrism is an important and vital element that helps the child develop cognitively and socially; it is a part of natural human development, and a necessary trait for a child's survival.

Ego centrism In Young Children

From the Paper:

"Jean Piaget was one of the most well-known psychologist theorists who claimed that young children are egocentric. This term, which relates to the behavior and view of self, does not mean that children are selfish, but that they do no have the mental capacities to understand another person's point of view or beliefs, and are not aware that such options exist."
"Piaget, who was a professor of psychology at the University of Geneva, studied cognitive development in young children, which expanded on James Mark Baldwin's earlier research. This theory placed children in four developmental stages, which are infancy, pre-school, childhood, and adolescence, and which are governed by the structuralist view. This teaches that each developmental stage represents the child's comprehension of reality, but that each stage, except the final one, is inadequate within its understanding of reality."

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