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Ancient History
Explores ancient Greek and ancient Egyptian history.
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This paper explores the influence ancient Greece and ancient Egypt have had on different aspects of today's culture and civilization. The paper also compares and contrasts the architecture, government, and social status of each society.

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"The ancient Greeks had "city-state democracies where all the citizens assembled and a majority ruled and the government was of the, by and for the people (Rosenfeld, Democracy)." A city-state was comprised of the city, as well as the land and small villages around it. Athens and Sparta were the largest of these city-states. Sparta was concerned with its military force. The males were "trained to be soldiers and lived in military barracks until they were 30 years old (unknown, Greece)." In contrast, Athens was a cultural and art center, producing "architecture, drama, sculpture, and poetry still admired today (unknown, Greece)." Athenians were looked upon with resentment and jealously by other Greek city-states when they developed a system of government known as democracy, which gave every free man a vote and the right to hold office (unknown, Greece)."

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