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An Ethnographic Study: The Anna Nicole Smith Hearing
An ethnographic analysis of the televising of a hearing in Florida on disposition of the body of recently deceased Anna Nicole Smith.
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This paper explains that an ethnographic analysis of an event and its presentation should consider the nature of the event itself, the nature of the targeted audience, and the characteristics of the commentary that becomes part of the presentation as well as how the different elements interact. The author points out that televising this hearing alone suggests certain cultural forces at work. The paper relates that "tabloid celebrity" characterizes the culture that kept track of Smith's activities and influenced the way this hearing was covered by all the news media. The paper relates that the popularity of reality-television influenced the news outlets to use the hearing to attract a large audience. The paper further relates that the courtroom has its own culture embedded within the larger culture and that when courtroom proceedings are telecast on television, the two cultures come together and may conflict. The paper concludes that the court often claims not to be influenced by the circus outside, but in this case, the circus outside was greatly influenced by the circus inside.

From the Paper:

"The final day of the hearing was February 23, 2007, by which time the prevailing view of the proceedings was that it was a circus. Judge Larry Seidlin of Broward County was the judge for the proceedings, and he set the tone to a great degree. His behavior became the target of critics who saw his folksy mode of speaking and his informality as drawbacks, but many observers found some of his statements bizarre. The public is familiar with the general methods and tone of a courtroom from other courtroom transmissions, and the style of this hearing differed."

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