Alexander II as the Tsar Liberator Essay by tommaso

Alexander II as the Tsar Liberator
A discussion on how far the achivements in Russia between 1855 and 1881 of Alexander II justify his claim to be the Tsar liberator.
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Published on Mar 07, 2005 in History (European - 19th century) , History (Russian)

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This paper looks at one of the most controversial characters in Russian history: Tsar Alexander II and how there is little doubt that the most important of his actions was the emancipation of serfs which he officially declared in 1861 with his famous Emancipation Act. It begins with an examination of the socio-economic situation of the Russian Empire at the end of 19th century followed by the consequences bought on by emancipation. It also provides a comparison between the Tsar and Presiden Lincoln.

An Overview of Serfdom
The Emancipation Act
Consequent Reforms: Zemstos Law, Judiciary, Education, Army
The Other Side of the Coin

From the Paper:

"The traditional self-government of Russian Lords was replaced with a rather complex system of assemblies to better manage problems related to bigger context than villages. At the bottom of the hierarchy laid the commune, immediately followed by provincial and regional assemblies. In essence, it was tried to set up a kind of mediation between the Tsar and his people among which the district Zemstva, designed mainly for the countryside, deserve to be claimed. In 1864 the Zemstvos Law, wrote by Alexander's minister of the Interior Peter Valuiev, was finally approved with the aim to establish the creation of these local houses formed by all the Russian social classes landowners and peasants mostly but representatives of the bourgeois as well. They were quite independent from the Central Government, at the point that they had the right to impose small taxes on lands or trades, and their position was to preside over the local welfare: from the construction of new roads to that of public buildings, every common issues was to be discussed within those."

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