Alcohol as a Culture Essay

Alcohol as a Culture
An essay concerned with how alcohol has been turned into a culture by diverse media and cultural situations.
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The paper assesses the huge influence that the media and advertising make on the social identity of alcohol and how it has been converted into a social need, an artificial need and rule of society. The paper shows the necessity to consider all these factors and slowly review the options and viable alternatives that will help cope with the problem that presents alcoholism. The paper discusses how drinking mainly affects the youth and how it is targeted by marketers in order to create a future market for their products. The paper reviews a part of drinking?s history, and surmises that though it is may be true that alcohol does stand as an icon of society, it has come a long way and its uses have gradually changed. From merely a ritualistic substance to becoming a trendy activity and a catalyst for interpersonal relationship, alcohol has changed its purposes according to each society.

From the Paper:

"In the past alcohol was not a big problem as it is today. At least it was more socially accepted and people was more able to drink without remorse. The Greek Romans would adore Bacchus or Dionysus. In the ancient civilizations, the act of drinking had its own God as we see. But in past decades we have observed an increase in the subject of alcoholism in a dramatic way. Technology has advanced the stress of alcoholism thanks to many ways, which will be analyzed further on. There could be many facts this problem increased but the more important are the way they promote alcohol in the TV and how this creation of a culture of alcohol in the media creates a pressure of the society to drink to be accepted socially and as a consequence also to relieve from the stress of today's life. Alcohol has become a culture in these days thanks to the conversion of drinking into a sociocultural activity by all the diffusion in the mass media. It is necessary to first analyze the historical background behind alcohol drinking which goes back two or three millennia in the past."

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