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African-American Culture
A descriptive perception of African-American culture and its relationship to American society.
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The paper discusses African-American culture and states that race is about a social construct rather than being biological, since society has a different set of rules for each racial group. Furthermore, the paper states that there is no alternative conceptualization of race that it would advocate, because it is a social construct. This is due to the fact that society has defined what is expected of each racial group, a factor that has nothing to do with biological aspects of being white or black . The paper concludes that despite the struggles, African Americans have contributed to the foundations of American events through culture and music.

Civil Rights

From the Paper:

"African Americans are settled in the United States, however some do not receive the same education and treatment as white students due to the fact that they are viewed as a minority race Furthermore, because of their lack culture acknowledgement from teachers, sometimes African American students require educational intervention, which is actually lacking knowledge in their culture even though they have settled in the United States for hundreds of years. "The bar graphs below illustrate the divergent fortunes of America's minorities in terms of living in the best neighborhoods. Asian-American are over-represented (compared to their percentage of all Americans) in every category... particularly in wealthy urban neighborhoods. African-Americans are much less likely to be found in either central cities or suburbia. Hispanics have penetrated the nations best neighborhoods more broadly and deeply than Blacks, but are still woefully under represented in America's landscapes of wealth" (A Racial Summary: Great Info & Bar Graphs). Even though African Americans are still considered a minority group, they have made a historical reputation through culture and music."

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