Advertising in Politics Essay by Master Researcher

Advertising in Politics
Examines the way politics is advertised in the media and how individuals must use their best judgement.
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Advertising in politics has changed very little over hundreds of years in terms of content although it has evolved dramatically in form with the advent of television. The paper shows that common ploys used by political advertisers appeal to the irrational emotional aspect of an individual priming stereotypes and with the advent of television, powerful visual grammar that sends messages more vividly. The paper argues that to counteract these ploys, an individual must become actively involved in critiquing the advertisements and exercise due diligence in selecting political candidates based on facts.

From the Paper:

"The most recent elections concluded in November 2004 is a vivid example of advertising in politics. From the alleged revelation of George W. Bush's military records to the Swift Boat veterans' advertisement against presidential candidate John Kerry, it is hard to deny their influence in shaping the overall outcome of the elections. How are these advertisements so effective in rallying or turning away voters and swaying undecided ones? Advertising in politics has taken its familiar form over the course of hundreds of years. It is not surprising that even before the advent of television the same tactics have been used to appeal to the most basal of human prejudices quite effectively. It was not a matter of presenting the absolute truth that was a politician's strength, but rather how he projected himself in contrast to his opponents."

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