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Adolescent Sex Offenders
A look at the problem of child sex offenders, its prevalence in society and the tendency to overlook the seriousness of the problem.
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This paper begins by explaining how a child sex offender is defined and then takes a look at the reasons that make it difficult to determine its prevalence in society. The paper points out that the tendency to under report child sex offense cases as well as the tendency to downplay or dismiss the sexually abusive conduct as simple sexual curiosity make dealing with the problem more difficult. The paper also discusses problems with the way law enforcement handles child sex offense cases and the unfortunate results of not taking seriously this very threatening behavior. Additionally, the paper describes the differences between male child sex offenders and female child sex offenders and discusses some of the treatment options now available for these offenders.

From the Paper:

"In addition to the fact that treatment and counseling are often suggested as opposed to criminal prosecution, is the fact that minors are often given the opportunity top plea bargain out of more serious charges, and therefore avoid the stigma of the, "sex offender" for the remainder of their lives. This leniency does more to enable the behavior in the future, than cure the problem and help the individual in the meantime. Additionally, it does nothing to reward brave victims for asserting their rights to be free from sexual assaults regardless of the age of the persecutor."

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