Acid Rain Essay by Primo

Acid Rain
A discussion on the effect of acid rain on forests and the way in which the deposition of acid rain and particles make plants and trees more susceptible to disease.
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The following paper examines why environmental scientists are concerned that the level of acidity in rain and snow has increased beyond its normal levels in the United States. The writer discusses the ways in which this has had a serious impact in several areas, including forests in the northeast and many of the country's most valued monuments.

From the Paper:

"Munton (1998) expresses the same concerns. He notes that emissions have already been reduced by 50%. That is an impressive improvement, but perhaps still more than delicate ecosystems can stand. He suggests that we may need even more restrictive interventions in place, and points out that modern society's effects on the atmosphere goes beyond acid rain, which may also affect human health, but to breathable particulates, effects on the ozone layer, and regional haze making particular areas periodically more vulnerable to the effects of airborne pollutants.

"In conclusion, it may be too soon to be satisfied with our efforts so far. Given the tremendous amount of pollution released into the air, a 50% reduction may be a result that looks good on paper but that is still significantly damaging to our environment."

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