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This paper defines the term accounting ratios and details why they are a significant tool applied by accountants when presenting accounting statements.
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The writer of this paper examines the importance of accounting ratios in business. Accounting ratios illustrate the present as well as the prospective, so that shareholders can visualize how much gain a business attained, the total worth of the assets and the level of cash reserves available. This well-researched paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages of accounting ratios. One significant drawback of the accounting ratio is that it depends too heavily on the conventional costs that lead to twists in quantifying performance. Ratios are required to be represented meticulously. They can entail the evidences to the performance of the company or financial environment. However, they are unable to demonstrate whether the performance is good or bad out their own. The writer details the manner in which the final figures of accounting ratios are achieved, while discussing the fact that these ratios necessitate some quantitative information for an informed analysis to be made. The writer contends and clearly explains why accounting ratios are completely dependent on the supplied data which may or may not be accurate.

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"A markedly low accounts ratio may give rise to angry suppliers and remarkably high inventory turnover ratios may lead to supply shortages and angry customers. The one that is correct for one company may not be considered appropriate for another one. Besides, no two companies are found to be similar irrespective of the fact that they are competitors in the same industry or market. Application of ratios to evaluate one company with another provides misleading information. Businesses may be within the same industry but have distinguished financial and business risk. Ratios are completely dependent on the data that may or may not be accurate."

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