A Study of Spain in the Nineteenth Century Essay

A Study of Spain in the Nineteenth Century
A history research paper on the crumble of the Spanish empire during the 19th century.
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This paper tracks the fall of the Spanish Empire over the 19th Century. Starting with the Napoleonic Wars and following the Empires demise into the 20th Century, the essay shows that great-power status is easier to obtain than maintain. It examines the reasons why the Empire fell, delving into economic analysis and socio-political environments.

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"European power and diplomacy has changed drastically over the past two centuries. With the onset and the outcome of both the First and Second World Wars, the map and power structures of Europe have been radically altered. Russia emerged as a leading European power and Germany, with its direct involvement in both World Wars, established itself as a country with important European power. Today, Great Britain, Russia, and Germany are seen as vital leaders in European affairs and even France is remembered as the once great power that it was. Many grand powers of the modern period are no longer even remembered as the leaders that they used to be and this is certainly true in the case of Spain. Spain, whose empire at the turn of the nineteenth century was the largest in the world is today mysteriously missing from the roster of European countries of authority. It is the purpose of this paper to discover what events and circumstances of the nineteenth century led to the ultimate demise of the Spanish Empire. Although previous centuries will not be directly discussed in this paper, it is important to note that the decline of the Spanish Empire had already begun before the turn of the century."

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