"A Day Without a Mexican" Essay by Master Researcher

"A Day Without a Mexican"
Presents an understanding of the Sociology of Conflict Theory in the film "A Day Without a Mexican" by Sergio Arau.
# 85098 | 675 words | 3 sources | 2005 | US

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This film study analyzes the issues of economic and social stratification in conflict theory in relation to the film "A Day Without a Mexican". Through an understanding of the characters and society presented in this fictional comedy, the paper shows how helpless white society becomes when the Mexicans have vanished. This creates an economic and social vacuum due to the wage slavery and racial conflicts that white Americans impose on legal or illegal Mexican immigrants.

From the Paper:

"This aim of this film study will be to examine the sociological basis of conflict theory in relation to the film: A Day Without a Mexican, directed by Sergio Arau. The basis of social conflict lies within the racial stereotypes that white hegemonic society imparts on the Mexican population in America. By this form of racial subjection, the Mexicans in this film must struggle through the conflict of subjugating the Mexican race through American social and economic stratification. The film A Day Without a Mexican (2004) reflects the story of whites that are left without their Mexican servants and illegal immigrant workers to do their manual labor. The story revolves round both political and social lines in relation to how these people `survive' in this comedy on Mexican social and economic status."

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