The UK Retail Banking Sector Dissertation or Thesis by Hans

An investigation into the perceptions of the quality levels of service provisions within the UK retail banking sector.
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Published on Apr 23, 2012 in Business (Finance, Investment and Banking) , Business (Marketing)

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This paper presents an investigation into the perceptions of the quality levels of service provisions within the UK retail banking sector. In addition the paper also considers how the provision of enhanced service levels can be used by those operating within the UK retail banking sector to be able to effectively create a competitive advantage in the sector. The paper makes use of a variety of research methods taking into account both primary and secondary research involving the collection and analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data. In conducting the research, primary research was conducted within the City of London with a questionnaire being issued to a population of 100 participants and a selection of interviews being conducted amongst consumers of retail banking products. The general findings of the paper are that while service levels as seen as one of the most important factors in determining the outcome of the consumer decision making process, consumers are often unwilling to pay a premium for the privilege of enhanced services. In addition, the paper also finds that while the consumers often have a high level of intention of switching banks due to service level considerations, the rate of churn within the sector is much lower due to perceived barriers to switching associated with retail banking products. Tables and colored figures and graphs are included in the paper.

Aims and objectives
Research Approach
Secondary Research
Primary Research
Ethics, Health and Safety
Literature Review
The Problem
The Cruickshank Report and Response of Regulators
Quality Determinants
Future Developments
Porter's Generic Strategies
Findings and Analysis
Questionnaire Analysis
Interview Analysis
Customer Loyalty and Switching Brands
Determinants of High Quality Service Levels
Service as a Source of Competitive Advantage
Project Reflections
Recommendations for Further Research

From the Paper:

"The UK retail banking sector is one of the largest in Europe, despite such considerations, the market at present would seem to be one representing an oligopoly style market with a small number of players domination the market including, RBS, HSBC, HBOS and Lloyds TSB (Capie and Webber, 2005). Despite the size of the sector, recent years have seen difficult trading conditions for the UK and global banking sector as a whole, with record low levels of interest rates and a global slowdown in economic activity. As such, banks have had to find increasingly creative ways to generate and sustain a competitive advantage in a market place which has been come increasing crowded with competitors competing for a much reduced market size in comparison to previous times of greater prosperity. While the sector has been traditionally seen as a conservative one, pressures from multiple sources within the external environment have forced large changes within individual banks and the sector as a whole. Key changes spring from both technological improvements, such as the development of internet and telephone banking as well as deregulation within the sector, all of which has lead to an increased ability for smaller players to enter the market and thus challenge the position of the current small number of players who dominate the sector (Baumann et al, 2007)."

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