The Gypsy Problem Dissertation or Thesis by Gitano

The Gypsy Problem
This thesis compares a study of Gypsy folklore to a study of modern newspaper articles about Gypsies, effectively comparing Gypsies' self-perception to the way that non-Gypsies see them.
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This paper looks at the problems of the Gypsy (Roma) people in Europe. The author explains that the Roma are the largest minority group in Europe, yet continue to be marginalized, despite a rich history and culture. The author carried out two original studies. The first was a study of over 100 Roma folktales and the second investigated 201 newspaper articles that contained the word "Gypsy." After an introduction and a chapter containing background information about the Gypsy ethnicity, each study is presented with its respective conclusions. The author includes an overall conclusion.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Who are the Gypsies?
Chapter 2: The Non-Gypsy Perspective of Gypsies
Chapter 3: The Roma's Self-Perception
Chapter 4: A Contrast of Two Perspectives

From the Paper:

"There is a Gypsy problem. Though they are the largest minority in Europe, the Gypsy ethnic group continues to experience widespread prejudice that helps to perpetuate their general poverty and marginilization. The problem has seen very little improvement since Gypsies first migrated into Europe in the fourteenth century. Even in the last fifty years, as Western society has gained a new respect for minority races, the Gypsies seem to have been excluded from this new understanding and open-mindedness. In Central and Eastern Europe, anti-Gypsy discrimination is the norm and is even quietly supported by police and government authorities. While this sort of activity is not accepted in Western Europe, there remains in that region an attitude toward Gypsies that is evidenced by the usualness of conflict with Gypsies and an unwelcoming expression toward certain new migrations of Gypsies to the region."

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