The Causes for the Southern States to Secede From the Union Dissertation or Thesis by LordFlash

The Causes for the Southern States to Secede From the Union
The following dissertation looks at the causes of the U.S. Civil War. It finds that there is not one single answer to the question as to why the southern states seceded from the union.
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Published on Feb 07, 2003 in History (U.S. Impending Crisis, 1848-1860)

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This paper focuses on the issues that ran concurrently with slavery, although the issue of slavery dominated the middle part of the 19th century in America in its causes of secession and the U.S. Civil War. The writer looks at the legislation that affected the southern states, like the: Nullification Crisis that affected South Carolina in 1832, the Declaration of Causes by the seceding states and the widespread division that affected America in the late 1850's, the 1850 Compromise and the Kansas-Nebraska Bill that caused great turmoil between the northern and southern states. This paper also looks at why the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860, caused such consternation that the southern states finally felt compelled to secede.

From the Paper:

"The election of Abraham Lincoln as president and the Republican Party coming to power was almost a sure thing before the splits in the Democratic Party. The splits just made it an almost certainty, and again it was over the issue of slavery, only this time instead of fighting against each other it was in fighting. This meant that secession was a sure thing, which would have pleased so many of the vocal southern firebrands. It is hard to see how some of the southern states thought that they could survive without being in the Union, as one state is far bigger and prosperous when it is in a group rather than as an individual. But the southern states had had to put up with so much provocation and pressure from the northern states and often an anti slavery president government that this was the final straw for them. Why should they have kept putting up with all this hassle and troubles during the mid 19th century over slavery, which was a way of life for them. Some southerners knew that slavery would eventually die out in the future, put when they are pushed so hard and so much about the issue of slavery, their attitudes are going to harden and they would eventually dig their heels in."

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