Pricing Strategies in the UK Supermarkets Dissertation or Thesis

Pricing Strategies in the UK Supermarkets
Presents a dissertation including original research to study the pricing strategies in UK supermarkets.
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This paper summarizes a literature review about the multi-product nature of retail price promotions and about the supermarket industry in the United Kingdom and reports about specific pricing and promotional strategies at six UK supermarkets. Next, the author explains that the methodology selected for this particular study is extensive research using secondary data and why this method was chosen instead of a quantified approach. The paper relates the findings of the study in the areas of demography, determinants, condition of use, strategies and factors affecting strategic pricing and how they differ from previous information. The paper also includes the complete proposal for this research.

Table of Contents:
Table of Contents
Outlining of the Introduction Chapter
Retail Industry Overview in UK
The importance of the Study
Objectives of the Study
Aim of the study
Data Method
Literature Review
The Multiproduct Nature of Retail Price Promotions
Supermarket Industry in United Kingdom
Pricing Strategies
Basic Introduction
Basic Pricing Strategies of Supermarkets
United Kingdom Supermarkets and their Pricing and Promotional Strategy
Factors Affecting Pricing Strategy in Retail
Promotional Strategies
Promotion during Discount Period
Promotion during Normal Business Environment
Effective Pricing Strategies
Research Methodology
Research Justification
Research Position
Research Aim
Research Objectives
Research Questions
Purpose of Collecting and Analyzing the Data
Discussion of Alternative Methods of Data Collection
Advantages of Research Method
Disadvantages of Research Method
Obstacles of this Chapter
Limitations of the Methodology
Structure of Dissertation
Findings and Analysis
Impact of Demography on Pricing Selection
Determinants of Pricing Strategy
Condition to Use Particular Pricing Strategy
Strategic Pricing Styles
Factors Affecting Pricing Strategy
Pattern Emerged
Use of Information and Interpretation
Dissimilarity amid Literature Review and Findings
Conclusion and Recommendations
Outline of the Findings
The Study Objectives Accomplishment
Dissertation Project Overall Performance
Skills Practices from the Research

From the Paper:

"The store level parameters of the EDLP pricing strategy stores are considered to be having the bigger store size as given by the beta value of 0.0109 and far more vertically integrated with beta value of 0.1528. Hence this data represents that the EDLP pricing strategy is used for the stores which are big in size and require high level of capital investments. The Investment level in the supply chain required for the EDLP pricing company are also huge in nature as they are vertically integrated managing all their supply chain operation by themselves.
"The figures for store size given above shows the SPSS value which is used just for the comparison purpose and their numerical values do not have any actual significance."

Sample of Sources Used:

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