Northern Ireland Dissertation or Thesis by Champ

Northern Ireland
An in-depth look at the political role of women in Northern Ireland.
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This paper examines the manner in which women in Northern Ireland have contributed to party politics over the past thirty years of conflict, more commonly known as 'the troubles'. More Specifically the paper investigates feminist theory as well as sociology theories related to the political participation of women. The investigation also seeks to answer the various questions concerning women's roles in Northern Ireland.

Theoretical Framework: Feminist and Sociology Theories
Background of Conflict
The Women's Movement in Northern Ireland: Politics and Religion
Why So Few Women?
Do Women Compete Differently From Men or Do They Emulate Men?
What Has Women's Contribution Been Towards the Peace Process?
Discussions and Conclusions

From the Paper:

"According to O'day (1996), the women's movement in Northern Ireland has, like any other movement in the region, attempted to confront the divisions that exist as it relates to national identity. In addition, there has been a great deal of speculation in regards to the correlation between gender and national identity. The author asserts that feminists who desire to prioritize women's issues assert that the divisiveness related to national identity has also had and divisive impact on the issues that are unique to women. In addition the differences between nationalists and unionists thought and the differences between Catholic and Protestant standards has been debilitating to the women's movement in Northern Ireland. In fact the author points out that it is usually the "Irish question" or the question of "whose side are you on?" is at the root of the divisions. This concept can be found in Derry Women's Aid in Spare Rib in response to a question concerning the correlation between feminism and the national question: "The uncritical support given by some English feminists to the nationalist struggle being waged here in N.I. is of little help to us, or indeed, to the women of the whole of Ireland," which not only serves to "to divide women along the traditional Orange and Green," but also "results in a lack of attention to the feminist issues (O'Day, 1998)."

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