Malawi Futures Market for the Tobacco Industry Dissertation or Thesis

Malawi Futures Market for the Tobacco Industry
Presents a critical assessment of the strategic impact of establishment of a futures market for the tobacco industry in Malawi.
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This paper explains that, because tobacco growers in Malawi are facing both price and production risks, he establishment of a tobacco futures market could be the best solution to address the said problems. Next, the author investigates an extensive literature review. The paper includes a complete original quantitative research study with data analysis and questionnaires.

Table of Contents:
Topic of an Independent Study
Synopsis of the Chapter
Background to the Research
What is Tobacco? Its Brief History in Malawi
Uses of Tobacco
Current Analysis of Tobacco in Malawi
Problem Statement
Research Aims
Purpose of an Independent Study
Justification of the Study
Research Problems/Hypothesis
Outline of the Report
Literature Review
Evaluation of Business Models of the Tobacco Industry
What is Strategy in Business?
Why the Strategy in Business?
Product Life Cycle - Baker (1983)
BCG Matrix Model
Ansoff Growth Matrix
SWOT Analysis
Political Analysis
Economical Analysis
Social Analysis
Technology Analysis
Value Chain Analysis
Current Analysis of Tobacco Auction Floors in Malawi - Failure to Address Issues of Price Risk and Production
Problems Encountered by Malawi's Economy Due To Inefficient
Tobacco Auction Floors
Where to Be?
Government of Malawi's Vision
How to Get There?
What is a Futures Market? What is a Futures Contract?
Advocacy for Futures Markets for Establishment of Tobacco Futures Markets to Replace the Traditional Tobacco Auction Floors
Price Discovery and Storability
Effective Means of Hedging Price Risks
Current Critics for Establishment of Futures Markets for Tobacco
Setting Up a Futures Market
Gap in the Knowledge
Contract Farming in Tobacco in Malawi
Pilot Stage in Malawi
Current Problems with Tobacco Contract Farming
Contract Farming on International Scenes
Access to Credit Facilities
Change Management
Literature Review Conclusion
Research Design and Methodology
Research Framework
Research Philosophy
Research Approach
Research Design and Strategy
Data Subjects
Justification for the Chosen Data Subjects
Sampling Error - Margin Of Error
Research Population
Research Interview
Brief Description of the Questionnaire
Pre-Testing of Questionnaires
Secondary Data
Research Findings and Data Presentation
Challenges Encountered
Data Analysis
Ethical Issues
Conclusion to this Chapter
Data Analysis and Findings
Data Analysis - Tobacco Growers
Response Rate
Answers by Question
Justification for the Research Questions
Data Analysis - Tobacco Associations, Regulator and Marketer
Response Rate
Graphs, Frequencies and Other Visual Graphics
Justification for the Questions Formulated
Synthesis of Responses from the Individual Questions
Data Analysis - Banks
Response Rate
Graphs, Frequencies and Other Visual Graphics
Data Analysis - Buyers
Response Rate
Graphs, Frequencies and Other Visual Graphics 59
Conclusions and Recommendations
Conclusions on the Independent Research
Recommendations on the Possible Establishment of the Futures Market in the Tobacco Industry in Malawi
Other Issues
Business Theories for Current Tobacco Industry in Malawi
Map of Malawi and Part of the Neighboring Countries
Average Tobacco Prices in Malawi since 1978
Tobacco Statistics in 2009

From the Paper:

"While tobacco has remained significant cash crop in Malawi for the past forty years or so and is very likely to be important in the foreseeable future, producers continue to bear significant risk on prices with no tangible hedging mechanisms against cost of production. Prices are determined by the buyers in an Oligopoly set up.
"Government of Malawi has tried several ways of influencing prices of tobacco by trying to enforce minimum prices) and creation of artificial buying companies to create competition and yet this did not yield any tangible effect on the tobacco prices."

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