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Fashion Print Media
This paper provides an examination of the relationship between fashion print media coverage and fashion public relations in the United Kingdom today.
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This study aims at examining and understanding the relationship between fashion coverage within the UK print media and public relations with special attention to newspapers. The nature of fashion coverage is explored through content analysis of a cross section of UK newspapers, semi structured interviews with fashion PR professionals and industry insiders as well as through participant observation in order to identify the way fashion public relations as a discipline is applied and arguably the prime source for fashion print media coverage in the UK. Through careful examination of the strategies, methods and formulas applied by the fashion PR industry in order to promote fashion items and ensure print media coverage, the study contributes to knowledge by providing empirical foundation to the under researched area of fashion public relations. It adds to the existing knowledge emerging from other areas of public relations and draws attention to an important and established yet academically neglected part of the PR industry. The paper includes an appendix that contains interviews carried out with UK fashion PR professionals.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Introduction
Statement of the Problem
Research Questions
Importance of Study
Scope of Study
Chapter 2:
Fashion Public Relations and the Fashion Print Media in the UK
Chapter 3: Methodology
Description of the Study Approach
Data-gathering Method and Database of Study
Chapter 4:
Review of Literature
Chapter 5:
Fashion PR the Creator of UK Fashion Print Media Coverage
Chapter 6:
The Celebrity Connection
Chapter 7:
UK Fashion Industry: Facts and Statistics
Chapter 8:
Fashion Photography and Its Relevance to Fashion PR
Chapter 9:
Research Findings
Chapter 10:
Case Study: The Rise, Fall and Even Bigger Rise of Kate Moss - Fashion
PR at Its Best?
Chapter 11: Conclusions

From the Paper:

"The fashion director sets the journalistic calendar for the whole year, which is more of a framework with room for changes. The various articles and features are discussed with the whole fashion team and the editors are briefed on what to research and write about, photo shoots are also being scheduled. Newspapers as opposed to magazines have a tight schedule and work approximately a week up to a few days in advance. The tabloids are the prime employers of fashion staff, they employ not just one fashion team but groups of journalists covering different fashion related subject areas.
"With the emergence of newspaper supplements, some of which have a fashion focus, some of which are entirely devoted to fashion, such as the Sunday Times Style Magazine, newspapers employ more fashion staff. There is usually a separate fashion team for the supplements, as well as freelance fashion writers who are also used frequently for specific features. They often function as outside experts that are brought in to write about certain fashion trends or items."

Sample of Sources Used:

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