Evolution of Democracy in the Middle East Dissertation or Thesis by michaelbourt

Evolution of Democracy in the Middle East
Investigates why democracy is taking a slower route to progress in the Middle East.
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This paper seeks to dispel the premise that liberal democracy is incompatible with the Middle East because of cultural reasons and that the form democracy might take in this region would be different than the rest of the world. To investigate these assumptions, the author uses a qualitative research methodology relying on secondary academic sources. The two case studies are Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The paper concludes that any examination of democracy in the Middle East must take into account the complexity of this political geography and not conclude that there is a simple, popular answer centering on Islam. The paper includes footnotes.

Table of Contents:
Table of Contents
Case Study 1: Saudi Arabia
Case Study 2: Egypt

From the Paper:

"Now the establishment of secularism is widely regarded as essential in order for democratic functions to be effectively carried out, and indeed this is the case. Opponents of Islamist thinkers within Middle East countries themselves have often pointed to the fusion of religion and state as a serious obstacle in the emergence of democratic functions and thus it would be fair to conclude that secularism is essential for democracy in the region to be established. Therefore, the interpretation of Islam which views the religion as being an essential component of direct political and legal organization often prevails in the theoretical debate around democracy in the Middle East."

Sample of Sources Used:

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