Divorce: The Impact upon Children Dissertation or Thesis by Mark Lewis

Divorce: The Impact upon Children
An assessment of the issue of divorce with the primary focus placed on the impact it has on children.
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The primary focus of this paper is to assess the impact of divorce upon children. The research explores this subject area in a broad and encompassing manner. Given the overt attempt to encapsulate a wide variety of issues and factors the paper does not delve into specific areas of analysis in massive analytical detail, and includes at various points a general examination based on secondary research. The work is split into various sub sections, including a discussion chapter which explores the various issues concerned in a thematic manner.

Discussion of findings
Literature Review

From the Paper:

''However, it will become clear that much secondary source material on this subject is heavily based on the empirical and statistical traditions of social policy study. Therefore, as a consequence of these various comprehensive secondary studies, this work gains a strong element of empirical and statistical support, even if this does not come about as a result of individual research in the field. In most part, this dissertation utilises qualitative research from the wider social policy field. Some use of quantitative data is of course made at points. As such, the writer has ensured that issues pertaining to representativeness, bias and selectivity are taken into account if not expressly discussed.
''Through the use of the above research endeavours this work aims to follow a clear path of overall detailed assessment around the issue of divorce and its impact upon children. As such, the research methodology suggested above aims to highlights the degree to which the impact of divorce on children is an immensely complex and wide ranging subject requiring the inclusion of numerous and varied factors, issues and variables. Indeed, the various academic works examined throughout this dissertation clearly illustrate this inherent complexity.''

Sample of Sources Used:

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