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This paper is an extensive literature review of the economic and political history of Cuba with emphasis on Castro.
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This paper explains that the Cuban Missile Crisis remains one of the primary reasons why Castro is held at arm's length by the U.S. government even as other parts of the world have ceased being Communist-led or have sought some accommodation with the U.S. and achieved it. The author points out that the economy of Cuba has continued to deteriorate because Cuba was less able to get international assistance when the Soviet Union changed and was pressured by the United States to remove troops and other personnel from Cuba. The paper concludes that, for all the speculation made by various commentators, the form a post-Castro Cuba will take is unknown because the circumstances of the transition are not known, meaning whether Castro will be removed by death or by some other means, who will be his immediate successor and whether there will be any violence involved in the transition. Many quotations.

Table of Contents
U.S. Response
The Hawk's Cay Conference
Latin America
The Cuban Economy
The Promise of Castro
Cuba after Castro
Future of U.S. Policy
Projections into the Future

From the Paper:

"The people reacted to poor economic conditions in 1994 by rioting in the capital. Even more Cubans now tried to reach the United States, producing a crisis so that President Clinton had to take steps to stop them. This produced a crisis in the U.S. as many in the Cuban community here objected. What the Clinton Administration did was to change the rules concerning the admittance and rejection of refugees from Cuba. The first of these changes is that Cubans who have been in detention camps in the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base will be admitted to the United States over the next few years. This comes after several denials that those refugees would ever be allowed into the country."

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