Consumer Decision Making Dissertation or Thesis by vvasimm

Consumer Decision Making
An in-depth research paper on the consumer decision making process for purchasing property in Spain.
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Published on Oct 08, 2008 in Communication (Interpersonal) , Business (Consumer Behavior)

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This study investigates the decision process of consumers purchasing property in Spain. The paper focuses on the underlying reasons for purchasing a property in Spain, the methods used by the purchaser to gather information and the overall satisfaction with the purchase process. The paper links a report about current theories on consumer purchasing behaviour to the purchase of property abroad.
The investigation reveals a clear link between the level of satisfaction of the purchase process and the level of information and advice sought. The paper includes flow charts, tables, and graphs. It also appends the questionnaire used in the research and data analysis pages.

List of Tables
List of Figures
List of Appendices
1. Introduction
1.1 Aspects and Foundation of the Research
1.2 Aim of the Research
1.3 Objectives of the Research
1.4 Hypothesis
2. Literature Review
2.1 Consumer Behaviour
2.2 The Consumer Decision Process
2.3 Problem Recognition
2.4 Information Search
2.4.1 Do Consumers Always Search Rationally?
2.4.2 Determinants of Information Search
2.4.3 Type of search
2.4.4 Evaluation of Alternatives
2.5 The Decision
2.5.1 Affect Referral Rules
2.5.2 Non Compensatory Decision Rules
2.5.3The Lexicographic Rule
2.5.4 Compensatory Decision Rules
2.5.5 Modified Rules for Research
3. Methodology
3.1 Methodology in Similar Research
3.2 Research Approach
3.3 Research Strategy
3.4 Method
3.4.1 Channels of Distribution
3.4.2 Ethics
3.4.3 Data Collection and Analysis
3.4.4 CHI-Square Test
3.4.5 Elements of Bias
3.4.6 Sampling
3.4.7 Pilot Study
3.4.8 Research Constraints
3.4.9 Response Rate
3.4.10 Variables
3.5 Null Hypothesis
4. Results
4.1 CHI Square Test
4.2 Data Interpretation
4.3 Summary of Key Findings
5. Discussion
5.1 Pre Purchase Process
5.1.1 Information Search
5.2 Purchase Process
5.3 Post Purchase Process
5.3.1 Consumer Behaviour Models
5.4 Consumer Profile
6. Conclusion
7. Recommendations and Further Research
8. References
9. Appendices
10. Glossary

From the Paper:

"Nicosia proposed a model that concentrated on the buying decision for a new product (illustrated in figure 2). The first stage of the model concentrated on the marketers' attempts to communicate with the consumer and the consumer's predisposition to act in a certain way. The scope of this research did not allow for the exploration of marketers' communication methods. However, the second stage of the model involved the consumer in a search evaluation process, which is influenced by attitudes. This follows a similar process to the Andreason model but it allowed the consumer to evaluate the process."

Sample of Sources Used:

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