Brand Equity Dissertation Dissertation or Thesis by Hans

An examination of the concept of brand equity in the context of the modern retail sector.
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Published on Jan 08, 2012 in Business (Marketing) , Business (Consumer Behavior) , Advertising (General)

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This paper gives the reader an investigation into the concept of brand equity in relation to the modern retail environment. The project considers the issue in relation to a number of other issues which have an impact on the retail sector considering, the changing nature of the retail market, the use of on-line elements of branding and how the concept of branding and brand equity interact with the modern retail consumer.
The paper gives the reader a complete set of research and includes, a comprehensive background, research aims and objectives, a specific methodology, literature review and a findings and analysis sections. The paper in conducting the research has made use of a variety of methods including both primary and secondary research methods using quantitative and qualitative data. Finally having conducted the research the paper gives an indication as to the limitations of the project and what subjects the researcher believes would be beneficial for further researchers to engage in, in future projects.

1.0 Background
2.0 Research aims and objectives
3.0 Methodology
3.1 Research approach
3.2 Research philosophy
3.3 Primary research
3.4 Secondary research
3.5 Research Sample
3.6 Qualitative and quantitative data
3.7 Primary research analysis
3.8 Findings and analysis
3.9 Ethics health and safety
4.0 Literature review
4.1 Key Concepts
4.2 Consumer experience
4.3 The value of brand equity
4.4 Brand loyalty
4.5 On-line markets
4.6 Brand devaluation
5.0 Findings analysis
5.1 Primary research findings
5.2 Key trends
6.0 Conclusions
7.0 Personal reflections
8.0 Further research
Consumer Brands Questionnaire
Questionnaire Results (Quantitative questions)

From the Paper:

"Over the past decades both the retail industry and the economy as a whole have seen some dramatic changes, in both trading conditions and the business models which have been adopted to react to such conditions.
"In the first case the very fabric of the retail business its self has changed, going through several business models. Two decades ago many in the retail sector operated on a small single branch basis, with locations in inner city areas and town centres. From the 1990's onwards the retail business model saw the introduction of the chain store. Stores such as Next pioneered the concept that consumers felt at ease being able to receive standardized products and services, served in more or less identical looking stores on a national basis. Further in the development of the business model, the location of such large national chain stores has also changed.
"Where stores were once previously sited in inner city areas and town centres, chain stores have become part of the out of town retail park revolution. To this day many retailers which operate with the traditional bricks and mortar outlet as the primary distribution channel operate from out of town locations. Such out of town locations in the retail sector range from the construction of single outlet retail site on the edge of town, most commonly favored by the supermarket chains. In addition the model has also seen the construction of entire retail "villages" dedicated to the retail experience and often having a singular theme such as discount outlets or luxury shopping malls."

Sample of Sources Used:

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