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Bed-time Snacks for Diabetics
This research study presents the hypothesis that there is no need for a bed-time snack to prevent hypoglycemia in patients with type II diabetes.
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The paper explores a common problem in the control of diabetes, nocturnal hypoglycemic episodes. The paper explains how many people experience hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) levels during the night. As a remedy for this situation, many doctors have suggested a snack before bedtime to help get the patient through until morning. The paper discusses how there has been mixed evidence from clinical studies that indicates that a bed time snack may not always be able to control night time hypoglycemic episodes. The research examines the role of carbohydrate loading throughout the day as a possible solution to the dilemma. The paper concludes that this study will play an important role in the development of better guidelines to help patients control their diabetes.

Understanding Diabetes
Nocturnal Hypoglycemic Episodes
Study Aim and Hypothesis
Research Questions
Literature Review
Current Research on Nocturnal Hypoglycemia
Conceptual Framework
Study Design
Study Population
Sample Size
Data Collection
Data Analysis

From the Paper:

"Diabetes is a condition that affects millions of people on a global basis. It presents a major medical expense for insurance companies and if not controlled, can lead to serious side effects such as stroke or heart disease. In 2003, it was estimated that close to 194 million people suffer from diabetes around the world (IDF, 2003). In 1985 it was estimated that 30 million people had diabetes. The IDF estimates that by the year 2025 nearly 350 million people will have some form of Diabetes. Among the nations monitored by the IDF, North America has the highest percentage of diabetes in the world."

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