A New Saudi Arabia Healthcare System Dissertation or Thesis by Nicky

Looks extensively at the current Saudi Arabia healthcare system and makes recommendations for the development of a new system to meet the needs of this changing country.
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This paper describes the government funded healthcare system of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which was not designed for the area's increasingly improving urbanization and economic factors, changing demographics, medical tourism potential and increased participation from the private sector and foreign companies. Next, the author details a newer model of contemporary health care, which utilizes more effective communication and the use of modern technological tools, that will reduce the health care issues of the country. The paper recommends the purchase and implementation of a multidisciplinary software program, specifically designed for the healthcare model, called Interactive Healthcare Solutions (IHC). Many graphs, tables, figures and footnotes are included in the paper.

Table of Contents:
Overview and Background
Geopolitical Overview
The Arab World
Saudi Arabia in Comparison
The Current Healthcare System in Saudi Arabia
Challenges and Issues within the Current Saudi Health Care System
Health Management Systems in Saudi Arabia
Health Management Systems - A Background
Hospitals in Saudi Arabia - Examples
Future of Current System
Issues and Challenges of Current System
Stakeholder's Expectations
The Future of Saudi Healthcare
Overview of a New System
Overview of a New System Model
Current Tools and Lack of Integration
The Benefit of Using the New Proposed System
System Benefits by Functional Area
Governmental Organizations
Executive Management, Strategic Planning
Client Records/Scheduling
Interdepartmental Communications/Reporting Structure and Depth of Reporting
Finance, A/R, A/P, Procurement
Human Resources
Integration and Rollout
Rollout Plan (National)
Rollout Plan per Hospital
Conclusions and Recommendations
Recap of Healthcare Reform in Saudi Arabia
Additional Recommended Reforms
Ways in Which Integrated Systems Would Address Reforms
Revised and Integrated Healthcare System Model

From the Paper:

"Prior to discussing the healthcare situation in the country, it is advisable to understand the perspective of Saudi Arabia within the Gulf Region as a whole. In order to better understand the situation in Saudi Arabia, it is valuable to look at the environment in the Gulf States in general. Like many of the Central and Latin American countries, political upheavals, military conflicts, sanctions and embargoes have impacted many of the Arabian economies of the region causing declines in productivity and disrupting markets. This is not necessarily the case in Saudi Arabia because it has maintained close ties with the United States and has generally remained outside the military conflicts that have plagued the region. Problems associated with recovering from the ravages of war including substantial debt does not impact Saudi Arabia directly but it does indirectly influence the country's prospects for economic growth because of reduced ability to trade with its neighbors. Regardless of a particular nation's economic status, Gulf countries exhibit a substantial lag behind other regions in terms of participatory governance, something that is a significant issue for Saudi Arabia because the views and behavior of the Saudi royal family differ significantly from its overall populace that has come to resent its position, viewing it as abandoning traditional Arab and Muslim views and "selling out" to the United States."

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