Why Were the Aztec Warriors Successful? Descriptive Essay by Nicky

A descriptive essay on Aztecan society and its warriors.
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This is a descriptive paper on the history and background of the Aztecan warriors. Evaluating how the Aztecs came to be a prominent society, the paper's main focus is on the warriors. The writer argues that Aztecs were largely successful in battle until the spanish conquistadors came to what is now Mexico. Though largely a piece that offers praise to the Aztecan society, it provides much criticism of the Spanish society and their travels. The conclusion to the paper contends that without the advent of the Spanish conquests, the Aztecs may well still rule most of Latin America today.

Review and Discussion
Background and Overview
Agricultural Techniques of the Aztecs
Trading Empire
Military Tactics and the Aztec Warrior

From the Paper:

"The research showed that for almost two centuries, the Aztec Empire ruled supreme in central Mexico by virtue of its superiority in military tactics and the ferocity of its warriors, especially the jaguar and eagle warriors, as well as the meticulous organization of its trade with its neighbors. The Aztecs also demonstrated a special knack for using the resources they had available to their best advantage and managed to produce a surplus of agricultural and other trade products while the land endured prior to the arrival of the Spanish. Indeed, many of the social and trade features of Aztec society resembled those of successful empires of the past as well as industrialized nations today. The Aztecs were pragmatic people, to be sure, though, and were not above resorting to cannibalism when the practice provided certain elite members of their society with some extra protein. The research also showed that the Aztecs recognized their own limitations when it came to who was conquerable and who was not, and would opt to merely tax those whom it believed were not able to be defeated without an inordinate amount of bloodshed on its own part. In the final analysis, had it not been for the arrival of the Spanish, the Aztec empire might well be the dominating force in Latin America today."

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