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Twentieth Century American Popular Music
This paper analyzes the developmental history of 20th century American popular music from the earliest jazz pioneers to the latest major pop stars of 20th century American music.
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This paper explains that all of the musical genres, such as Ragtime, Jazz, Big Band, Blues, Country, Rock 'n' Roll, Folk, Punk, Heavy Metal, Rap and Hip Hop, are linked together into a single unified whole in American music. The author discusses the importance of the development of Rock 'n' Roll and how it crossed over successfully into many earlier forms of the Blues and Country genres. The paper stresses that the contributions of the African-American influence on American music, which is the core element to many American styles that came earlier, are crucial to the latter popularity of Rap and Hip Hop.

Table of Contents:
Ragtime and Jazz
The Big Bands and the Blues
The Evolution of Jazz and Growing Popularity of Country Music: 1920-1950
The Rock 'n' Roll Era of the 1950s
The "Psychedelic" Rock 'n' Roll and Folk Music Movements of the 1960s
Punk and Heavy Metal: The 1970s and the 1980s
Rap and Hip Hop

From the Paper:

"The first broadcast of the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee in 1925 was a crucial moment for the popularity of Country music to be introduced in American music. Often these fusion of old Bluegrass styles and Folk often helped to build the style of what became known as "Country" by the likes of the Grand Ole Opry. In this manner, Nashville became the center of this genre, helping to introduce country to a major audience. Once again, it was the radio that greatly helped to bring this music to millions of listeners across the United States."

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