The Integral Role of Religion in Tibet Descriptive Essay

The Integral Role of Religion in Tibet
This paper looks at the importance and the integral role of religion and the Buddhist faith in Tibet.
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This paper describes the prominent and significant role that religion plays in Tibet. The paper first describes the basic beliefs held by Tibetan Buddhists as well as the four major sects that make up Tibetan Buddhism. Next, the role of the lama or spiritual teacher is described and a brief history of Tibet and the role that Buddhism has played in the country is presented. The paper concludes that religion plays an integral role in Tibetan daily life, uniting its people through peace while providing guidance and a means to endure through hardship.

From the Paper:

"Although Buddhism plays a large role in Tibetan daily life, the Islamic religion and the Tibetan Muslims serve an essential role to the continuing survival of the Tibetan people. Because Tibet is a mainly pastoralist society, slaughtering animals is sometimes necessary in order for the people to survive and it is the Muslims who carry out that role. Tibetan Buddhists are forbidden from killing unless it is necessary for the survival of the family, and will only do so under dire circumstances. Meat is an important part of the Tibetan diet because vegetables do not grow in the dry, cold climate and the animals provide the fat intake required to survive the extreme cold and strenuous manual work of their daily lives. The Muslims essentially allow the Buddhists to follow their faith by indirectly giving them the needs to survive in Tibet's harsh climate."

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