The Founding Elements of Judaism Descriptive Essay by Nicky

The Founding Elements of Judaism
An essay outlining the fundamental elements of Judaism.
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Published on Nov 05, 2011 in Religion and Theology (Judaism)

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This essay provides a description of Judaism, as well as contributes a bit of history to the context as well. Beginning with a discussion on what Judaism is, the paper continues on to provide information on the beliefs and traditions of the religion. In addition, it discusses the various factions within the religions and the fundamental prophets behind the religion.

From the Paper:

"The Jewish religion is complex and deep. There are a multitude of differing layers which contribute to the way the religion is both practiced and perceived today in the modern era. To be Jewish is a complicated situation, with interwoven aspects of a united religion, race, and nationality. The religious traditions and beliefs which flow throughout the tradition stem initially from the Torah, or the Old Testament of the Bible. It is within this sacred text that the lineage and traditions of the Jewish people are spelled out in great detail, "The Torah has an oral and a write part and also contains teaching stories about God's relationship with the Jewish people," (Burns 1). Through this united source, the religious elements of Judaism are universal among the world's Jewish individuals. There are core basic beliefs, which manifest themselves as the 613 commandments, or Mitzvot, that are found within the writings in the Torah (Burns 1). Together, these commandments formulate the fundamental beliefs of the Jewish religion. Being monotheistic, Judaism posits the existence of only one true God. This God is much more active and wrathful than the one presented within the Christian faith. Judaism also lacks the conception of a hell which is prominent in Christianity. This is based primarily on yet another fundamental Jewish tradition--the concept of the chosen people. As the chosen people, Jews are promised special attention by God (Burns 1). Although it is known that many trials await the chosen people, Judaism posits the idea that in the end, God will always favor the Jewish tradition. This idea has developed through thousands of years of nation building which led to the current position of a Jewish state in Israel. Israel is the single head of the Jewish tradition, and thus its development is a critical piece of the Jewish puzzle. The development of Israel is associated within Jewish tradition with one family which holds great influence over the traditional beliefs of Judaism. The prophets of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were instrumental in the creation of a Jewish state and haven for all Jewish people."

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