The Career of Criminal Profiling Descriptive Essay by scribbler

The Career of Criminal Profiling
A look at the position of a criminal profiler and what it entails.
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Published on May 13, 2013 in Psychology (General) , Criminology (General)

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The paper relates that a criminal profiler is one who looks at the temperament of a crime committed and the technique utilized to commit the crime to put together a psychological profile that aids in identifying the criminal. The paper looks at the pay of a criminal profiler, the licensing and certification necessary for this position and the areas a criminal profiler can work in. The paper then explains how profiling encompasses victimology, the study of the victims in a quantity of crimes committed by the same person, and relates that profilers use the Homicidal Triad to identify childhood factors that may have a bearing on an offender's adulthood. The paper also explains that profiling is utilized as a way of trying to forecast the next move of an offender who may be on a crime spree. The paper concludes by pointing out that the daily activities of a criminal profiler are not nearly as electrifying as the lives of those depicted on television.

From the Paper:

"A criminal profiler produces a psychological profile of a person by looking at the offense and how it was committed in the anticipation of identifying and finding the criminal (Craig, 2011). Criminal profilers, who work with the police and with the FBI are often called in to look at crime scenes and patterns, typically of serial killers or terrorists in an attempt to try to figure out what a person was thinking. The knowledge can then be utilized to figure out where they are likely to strike next and in the end to catch the offender. It is known as one of the more extraordinary and fascinating criminal justice jobs (Criminal Justice Forensic Psychology and Criminal Profiling - The Difference, 2010).
""The average pay of a criminal profiler depends a lot on experience. According to PayScale, a forensic psychologist with less than a year's experience can expect a salary from $34,000 to $60,984. In one has five to nine years of experience, the range goes up to $46,176 to $82,895. With 10 or more years in the field, forensic psychologists see salaries in the range of $59,780 to $106,125. The average salary of a criminal profiler will also depend on location" (Craig, 2011)."

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