Structure of the DNA Descriptive Essay by Nicky

Structure of the DNA
An in-depth look at DNA.
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Published on Nov 22, 2011 in Biology (Molecular and Cell)

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This paper describes the structure of DNA and its purpose, especially as it relates to heredity. DNA is noted as having a double helix structure which serves several functions. These molecular activities are explained in detail. Then, the paper explores Friedrich Miescher's original work relating to DNA in addition to the contributions of Gregor Mendel to this field. The paper concludes by addressing the role of DNA in genetic mutations.

From the Paper:

"Although knowledge of the DNA only came into being in the 1900s, the concept of a miniscule matter holding traits necessary for passing genetic traits have been in existent several earlier on. This "miniscule matter" was then called nuclein, a term concocted by Friedrich Miescher in 1868 when he "isolated something no one had ever seen before from the nuclei of cells. This is today called nucleic acid, the 'NA' in DNA (deoxyribo-nucleic-acid) and RNA (ribo-nucleic-acid). (Fredholm, 2003)" There was a parallel story to Miescher's discovery of nuclein but occurred a few years earlier. The Czech monk, Gregor Mendel, has been attributed as the father of genetics and this is quite apropos because of the experiments he performed during his time especially on peas. "His observations turned out to be closely connected to the finding of nuclein. Mendel was able to show that certain traits in the peas, such as their shape or color, were inherited in different packages. These packages are what we now call genes. (Fredholm, 2003)" There were mutations in the peas observed my Mendel and these mutations became a source of variation in species."

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