Slavery in the North American Colonies Descriptive Essay

Slavery in the North American Colonies
Presents the history of slavery brought by the Dutch settlers to their North American colonies.
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This paper explains that, when the Dutch settled in their North American colonies, they brought with them slaves to do the manual labor on their farms. These Africans arrived from the Caribbean in 1625 or 1626 as slaves to the Dutch West India Company. The author points out that rules regarding their servitude were not as harsh as they would become in the future under British rule. The paper relates that, as early as 1630, freed slaves settled the swampy predecessor to the Greenwich Village area of New York City, which remained a black neighborhood for almost 200 years. The author describes the revolt of 1712, which was the result of the stricter British rules.

From the Paper:

"The ensuing revolt of 1712 was inevitable: the new British rules were too harsh and too much of a change from the unequal but hopeful and comparatively non-violent status quo previously organized in New Amsterdam. After meeting in a tavern, twenty-
three Africans armed themselves with hatchets, clubs, and guns and set fire to a centrally-located building in New York. When Europeans came to combat the blaze, several of them were killed and wounded. Local militias rounded up twenty-seven slaves
in retribution, six of whom committed suicide under capture."

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