Raising an Autistic Child Descriptive Essay by Aloyce79

Raising an Autistic Child
A parent's perspective on raising on autistic child.
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Published by on Feb 23, 2015 in Child, Youth Issues (Family Issues)

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"Any type of chronic illness poses a serious challenge both to the afflicted person and his/her family. However, few disorders are of greater threat to the entire family than autism; exceptionally hard to cope with due to many reasons. The National Autistic Society (2014) defines autism as a lifelong developmental disability affecting the way an individual communicates with, and/or relates to others. Autism also affects the way people understand the world around them. First, autism is usually accompanied by serious disruptive antisocial behavior (Gray, 2003). For instance, even though problems with language are a common indicator of the disorder, more serious symptoms such as self destructive acts, tantrums and other kinds of inappropriate public demeanor are also linked to it. Secondly, getting correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment is usually a long and frustrating experience (Gray, 2003). Symptoms of autism are often manifested in early childhood, but it takes many years for the disorder to be diagnosed. Third, even after diagnosis, available services for the treatment of autism are limited (Gray, 2003). "On the other hand, autism can be termed as a spectrum condition; implying that in as much as autistic people share certain hardships, their condition affects them in different ways (National Autistic Society, 2014). Some autistic people manage to live relatively independent lives whereas others develop accompanying learning disabilities that require lifelong specialist support. Autistic people may also experience hypo/hyper-sensitivity to touch, sounds, smells, tastes, light or colours. Asperger syndrome is some kind of autism. The intelligence of people with this syndrome is usually average or above average. Moreover, they encounter few speech problems, but may experience difficulties in comprehending and processing language."

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