Pure Cinema in Alfred Hitchock's Films Descriptive Essay by expresswriter

Pure Cinema in Alfred Hitchock's Films
An analysis of the elements of pure cinema in Alfred Hitchock's films "Rear window" and "North by Northwest".
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Published on Apr 21, 2015

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The paper identifies and discusses Hitchcock's understanding of 'pure cinema in various films. The films discussed primarily are North by Northwest and Rear Window as they display various key themes and characteristics of Hitchcock films. The paper contains specific examples and quotes.

From the Paper:

"In all his films, Hitchcock emphasized the importance of visual elements in his work. According to him, Cinema was a visual medium that left other elements such as sound and dialogue secondary. The ability to transmit a message without necessarily using dialogue serves as the purist form of cinema for Alfred Hitchcock (Spoto 15). As such, many elements of pure cinema have appeared in his films. In general, pure cinema is the aptitude to make use of various cinematic procedures, both visual and auditory, to generate an outstanding experience for audiences in a manner that would extract them from the daily monotonous routines and transport them to a dreamscape created by the director (Spoto 25). The divergence between Hitchcock's capabilities to use pure cinema compared to other filmmakers in his time lies in his capacity to derive cinema's inherent characteristics and develop an elevated reality that is brought about by a masterful and premeditated control over all facets of their conception.
"Pure cinema is a combination of all vital elements of film, including the movements of the camera, as well as editing. The amalgamation of all the relevant elements serves the objective of engaging the audience emotionally and psychologically into the realm of cinema (Spoto 42).For instance, in Rear Window, the camera work adheres to a meticulous format that allows the audience to observe the story from the point of view of a single person. In north by northwest, Hitchcock maintains the elements of pure cinema by making the audience a present, active observer and not a passive observer (Spoto 46). As a result, the film is characterized by an inimitable variety of suspense."

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