Powerful Beyond Measure Descriptive Essay

Powerful Beyond Measure
A descriptive essay about this author's experience running the infamous "Spartan Race".
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Published on Sep 28, 2014 in English (Narrative) , English (Creative Writing) , English (General)

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From the Paper:

"It was January 28th, 2012, my tired and restless eyes opened that morning around 6am to the barely prevalent sun shining slightly through my semi closed blinds. The smell of freshly brewed coffee slowly crept into my nostrils and I let out a sigh of euphoria. I stretched my arms out wide with a grin that seemed to go from ear to ear. I said to myself, "Another year older, another year wiser and another year to grow stronger." You see, it was my birthday and all I could think about was it being a great day... my day. Little did I know of the challenges that laid ahead of me later on that day.
"A few hours later we arrived at Veil Lake, a secluded body of water east of the city of Temecula. Thousands of competitors gathered in the small valley next to the rolling hills in anticipation of the start of the event. As I stretched at the starting point I drew a deep breath and took in my surroundings. This spectacle was a sight to see indeed, men and women preparing their mind and bodies for what was to come. Some dressed in costumes, some in matching uniforms, and others painted their faces and bodies like in some sort of ancient ritual of warriors getting ready for battle. Then a voice came over the loudspeaker, it was so hard and coarse as if it were Leonidas himself, "Spartans!! Are you ready?!" In unison we let out our war cry and began charging forward "AHHROO!!"
"The sound was overwhelming, echoing throughout the valley and sparking a jolt of adrenaline that felt like lightning bolts surging through my body. I ascended the mountain surrounding Veil Lake with determination and perhaps a false sense of confidence that this would be easier than I thought. I tackled the first few obstacles like an expert who was merely going through routine. After a few miles the elevation and steep hills began to take a toll on my legs. The perspiration and exertion on my muscles made it feel a lot hotter than the reported seventy degrees that it was.
"After a quick drink of water at the first aid station checkpoint, I came to a long wall that had random hand grips sticking out. It looked similar to a rock climbing wall that had been tipped over like an old fallen tree. My over confidence got the best of me when my foot slipped off halfway through the obstacle and I went stumbling awkwardly towards the ground. As I gained my composure a young lady in red began laughing somewhat sadistically and yelled out "You! Clumsy one, that will be thirtyburpees!!""

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