Osmosis Descriptive Essay

A description of the process of osmosis using frog skin as an example.
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Published on Mar 21, 2010 in Biology (Zoology)

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This paper explains that osmosis is the movement of pure solvent from an area of low solute concentration to an area of high solute concentration through a semi-permeable membrane. The paper then explains the hypothesis of an experiment that the amount of salt dissolved in water affects osmosis in model frog skin cells. The paper also examines the major mechanism of water reabsorption in amphibians.

From the Paper:

"The hypothesis for this experiment was that the amount of salt dissolved in water would affect osmosis in model frog skin cells. The prediction for this hypothesis is that the more salt that is dissolved in the water, the smaller the amount of water that will move into the cell. This would naturally result in an imbalance of the natural physiological ionic concentration of the amphibians and dehydrate them. The expected response would be an endeavor on the part of the animal to maintain its hydration which usually takes place through the skin and not through drinking as in vertebrate mammalian species, where the hypothalamus plays a role in triggering the drinking response when the animal is dehydrated. Experimental data suggests that the major mechanism of rehydration in the amphibian species is through skin and not through the process of drinking water (Bentley & Yorio, 1979). "

Sample of Sources Used:

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