Observation of a Four Year Old Male Descriptive Essay

Observation of a Four Year Old Male
Describes the physical, cognitive and emotional development of a four year old male.
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This paper explains that, although this four year old male had a difficult birth, his physical, cognitive and emotional development is unremarkable and age appropriate. After relating the child's early physical development, the author reports her assessment of Nicholas' pre-frontal cortex development by utilizing the Dimensional Card Change Sort test (DCCS) and her conducting of a theory of mind test by presenting him with a Count Chocula cereal box and asking him to tell her what he thought was inside. The paper concludes with the author carrying out a naturalistic observation, using close circuit monitoring through a baby monitor, of the four year old boy playing with his six year old brother and three cousins aged five, eight and nine.

From the Paper:

"After retiring from his dinosaur attack, Nicholas began to engage in parallel play with his brother, sitting next to him building towers out of Lego blocks. I believe that this started out as parallel play because the children appeared blissfully unaware of each other despite playing side by side. About six minutes into this, Nicholas took notice of his brother's activity and switched from parallel play to cooperative play. As the two continued to build, Nicholas would periodically announce his tower was "better" than his brothers, and that his had "magical powers that scared away dinosaurs". These proclamations were met with some resistance as his brother said "Nuh uh, mine is the bestest (sic) and yours is stupid".
"It had become a competition at this point, followed moments later by Nicholas switching back to socio-dramatic play and pretending to be a dinosaur as he smashed but he and his brother's towers. He continued to roar as his brother then pretended to be a knight, who fought off the dinosaur to "save the people from being squished". As this progressed, Nicholas and Anthony began to wrestle some more, one pretending to be a dinosaur and one pretending to be knight."

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