Life on Planets Descriptive Essay by Nicky

The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze the topic of astronomy.
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Published on Apr 29, 2012 in Astronomy (Space Exploration) , Astronomy (General)

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The purpose of this paper is to look at the subject of Astronomy and the belief that there is life on other planets. A large portion of the paper discusses the atmosphere and characteristics of Mars and then continues to hypothesize what sort of creature or being could live on Mars. By the end, it discusses the ability of humans to adapt and survive on mars and what it would take to for a life form to survive.

From the Paper:

"Because there is much less pressure, winds are not as strong on Mars as they are on Earth.
"Mars travels in an orbit around the sun, just like the Earth does, but it has a much larger orbit. A Mars year is 687 Earth days, and Mars has seasons, just like here on Earth. Because Mars is less dense than Earth, there is not as much gravity there, so people would feel as if they weighed less than they weighed on Earth if they were standing on Mars. The surface of Mars is made up of fine-grained dust, and dust storms are common on the planet. Mars also has many physical features like Earth, from deep canyons to volcanoes and large, smooth plains. There are many more craters on Mars than there are on Earth, indicating a more violent history of impacts from meteors and other space debris.
"Mars also has polar ice caps, but they are made up of frozen carbon dioxide, rather than water. There is evidence that water once flowed on Mars, but there does not seem to be any water on the planet now. Scientists found a meteorite that had come from Mars in Antarctica in 1996, and they believe it shows signs of microscopic life on Mars."

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