Hurricane Sandy: The Devestation and the Aftermath Descriptive Essay by Carly Evans

A description of the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, its aftermath, and the climate conditions that created the hurricane.
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Hurricane Sandy was a devastating category-2 storm that took the lives of 253 people, and caused $266 billion in estimated damages. The hurricane took nine days to run its course from October 22 to October 31st, 2012 and it affected seven different countries. The greatest amount of damage was incurred within the United States, more specifically in New York City and the New Jersey Shoreline, and relief efforts and charitable organizations have stepped in to rebuild the affected areas. In addition, to the looking at the effects of the storm itself, this paper will also look at how climate change might have affected the storm, and if global warming has anything to do with the uncommon behaviors and strengths of this hurricane.

From the Paper:

"In late October of 2012 Hurricane Sandy devastated the Caribbean, the Mid-Atlantic, and the Northeastern United States. This hurricane, which was classified as a category-2 storm at its strongest levels, had wind speeds reaching upwards of 96-110 miles per hour, and storm surges that reached far inland, which resulted in flooding in many of the lower elevated areas. The storm's entire cycle took a matter of nine days from creation to dissolution causing wide spread damage within the seven countries affected by the storm. As a result of the storm, there was extensive property damage along the Atlantic Coastline, flooding in parts of New York City and the New Jersey shoreline, and a shut-down of multiple businesses. The netted figure estimated to be lost because of the storm reached $65.6 billion (USD). In addition to the cost of the damages, the total fatalities from seven of the different countries hit from the storm tallied up to 253 people, with fifteen presumed missing. Yet, this is only second, in modern meteorological disasters, to the horrific damage from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans."

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