Humans, Chimpanzees and DNA Descriptive Essay by Nicky

Discusses the similarities and differences between human and chimpanzee DNA.
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Published on Oct 29, 2010 in Anthropology (Scientific / Medical) , Biology (Zoology)

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This paper examines the similarities and differences of chimpanzee and human DNA, using an exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History as a springboard for the discussion. Chimpanzees and bonobos, another form of ape, are described as humans' closest living relatives, and thus their DNA is very similar. Despite this, the paper states that some of the genes between the species although the same, are used differently in the chimp as they are in humans, and so, they create more differences between us. Research is cited which contends that humans and chimpanzees evolved from a common ancestor, and that shows in our DNA.

From the Paper:

"The exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History talks about the similarities between humans and chimps, and helps explain why we are so similar. The website notes, "Human and chimp DNA is so similar because the two species are so closely related. Humans, chimps and bonobos descended from a single ancestor species that lived six or seven million years ago" (Editors). In fact, it is the slow evolution of change between human DNA and chimp DNA that accounts for the differences between the two species today. When you look at the chromosomes of each species side by side, they look remarkably alike, and that shows how close they really are."

Sample of Sources Used:

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