Gods of Norse Mythology Descriptive Essay by VC

Gods of Norse Mythology
A description of three of the most important gods in Norse mythology.
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Published on Oct 10, 2008 in Literature (Mythology) , Literature (European (other))

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This paper discusses the gods Odin, Thor and Loki, and the parts that they played in Norse mythology. The writer explains how Odin, the most important figure and the creator in the Norse pantheon, became known as the Almighty or All-Father, and the wisest of all the gods. Thor, the god of thunder, and his magic hammer and goats, are also described. The writer explains how Loki, originally from a different race, acquired godhood by becoming Odin's blood brother, and eventually caused the downfall of the Aesir gods through his malicious acts. Ragnarokk, the day of reckoning for the gods, is also described.

Aesir Gods
Thor - The God of Thunder
Loki - The God of the Jotun Race
Ragnarokk - Destiny of the Gods

From the Paper:

"In Asgard the land of the gods Thor was good natured, kind and had a beautiful wife named Sif who ripened seeds after Thor's thunder showers. They also had two sons Magni and Modi who were almost as strong as their father. Thor was the strongest of all the gods and also the protector of the gods and also the people on Midgard, he ruled over all the wars on Midgard and chose who would be the winner in each war. He protected the gods and humans by smashing jotuns and trolls with his magic hammer. He also had an iron mitt to protect his hand and a magic belt that made him twice as strong."

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