Geology of the Alps Descriptive Essay by ABCs

Geology of the Alps
A analysis on the geology of the Alps.
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This paper discusses the geology of the Alps, a system of mountains in Europe. The author provides a short historical background on the Alps region taking note of the various natural hazards that have affected the mountains. The paper also examines the complex geology of the region and looks into global warming and geologically historical events such as the continental collision of oceanic volcanic islands and earthquakes to help classify the mountains.

From the Paper:

"Orogeny is being produced by plate tectonic events that happened during the early years of the world. This process could take tens of millions of years. A major part of the Alpine orogen consists of pre-Mesozoic basement units. It can easily be distinguished from the mountain range because it is characterized as long, thin, and arcuate tracks of rocks which show a pronounced linear structure resulting in blocks of deformed rocks. The rocks are separated by a break in the earth's crust, which was believed to be the result of compressional forces. The plate tectonic origin was a major breakthrough and was relatively one among the many scientific concepts which provided explanations to the occurrence of earthquake and volcanic eruptions."

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